Professional CNC press brake
Enhance processing efficiency and accuracy

V-Bend series is the high-precision sheet metal bending machine designed to enhance processing efficiency and accuracy, reduce material waste, and achieve low operation cost.


  • Suitable for batch processing, and increase production capacity.
  • Unique and compact closed O-frame design provides high machine rigidity and offers ample space for applications along the entire bending length.
  • Faster, higher efficiency and precision bending with high frequency response hydraulic control technology.
  • CNC controlled mechanical crowning technology guarantees constant angle accuracy.
  • Favorable price-performance ratio, quick return on investment.

Machine Parameter V-Bend



Bending force

500 kN800 kN1,000 kN1,600 kN

Bending length

1,050 nm2,100 nm3,100 nm

Cylinder stroke

200 mm250 mm

Opening height

500 mm550 mm

Side panel distance

1,100 mm2,150 mm3,150 mm

X-axis maximum speed

400 mm/s

X-axis travel

300 mm

R-axis maximum speed

100 mm/s

X-axis travel

300 mm

X / R axis accuracy

0.05 mm

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